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Human Factor

As befits a construction organization, Kalyan Toll Infrastructure Limited comprises of trained and dedicated staff of about 1000 personnel, Technical personnel comprise almost one third of the total staff strength. Of these, about 25 high caliber professionals - in Technical, Finance and Business Administration - take managerial responsibilities at the Head Office in Indore.

The rest of staff operates at different projects sites (fifteen to twenty locations) at one time, distributed over different states of India. Project Managers, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Supervisors, Surveyors, Overseers, Foremen, Commercial Managers, Commercial Assistants, Stores and Material Management personnel, Safety Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers etc. a diverse array of skills blended together to work for a common purpose in perfect harmony. It is remarkable how men from such diverse backgrounds and locations in life establish such perfect rapport.

This is made possible through the high value placed on every individual's and his ability to exercise his initiative and judgment, while working as a member of a team with sense of responsibility The supportive atmosphere at the workplace is perhaps one reason why long tenures, often lasting a lifetime, are so common place at Kalyan.

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